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  • Steamer Plus MS

Steamer Plus MS

Every day is an opportunity unknown, every day is the beginning of something beautiful, a day with endless possibilities and to make the most of your day, all you need is a great, energetic start to your mornings. We at V-Guard have created something to help your days get that spurt of energy. The Steamer Plus range of water heaters features V-Guard's innovative high quality Incoloy 840 heating element, it has an inner tank made of steel that gives corrosion resistance, high pressure withstanding capacity and high energy efficiency. There is a Vitreous Enamel coating on the inner tank which provides better protection and longer life to your favourite geyser. It is an apt geyser for multi-storied building and can withstand pressure up to 8 Kg/cm2.This beautiful device will provide you with the luxury of demand ready hot water. So fill your tub, take a long hot shower, without having to worry about getting up early and waiting for your Geyser to heat up water for you and without fearing that hot water may get exhausted in the middle of your shower. Just turn the water tap and enjoy in the aroma, created exclusively for you by the Steamer Plus water heaters from V-Guard.


  • Outer cover made of high-quality steel
  • Inner tank made of high-quality steel
  • High-quality Incoloy 840 heating Element
  • Sacrificial Anode for extended life span
  • Safety devices
  • PUF insulation to reduce power consumption
  • Suitable for multi-storied building and can withstand pressure up to 8 Kg/cm2
  • Capillary thermostat for external temperature control
  • Analogue temperature indicator
  • Multi function valve


Capacity Model Name Rating In Watts Star rating Body Dia (in cm) Body Height (in cm) Version of mounting Working pressure in Kg/cm² (Max)
15 LtrSteamer Plus MS 1520004 Star3052H8
25 LtrSteamer Plus MS 2520004 Star3075.4H8
35 LtrSteamer Plus MS 352000-3568H8
50 LtrSteamer Plus MS 503000-3974.6H8
80 LtrSteamer Plus MS 803000-4681H8
100 LtrSteamer Plus MS 1003000-4696H8