1. What is an Electronic Voltage Stabilizer?

An Electronic Voltage Stabilizer is a device that automatically maintains a stabilized voltage level typically with the help an electromechanical system or electronic components.

2. Will a stabilizer always give constant output voltage?

No . But output voltage will be maintained within a safe operating range provided the input voltage is within the specified limit.

3. How do you select the right stabilizer for the equipment?

For selecting a Voltage stabilizer, we should know the voltage range and power consumption of the connected equipment and the available voltage in your area.

4. How the stabilizer protect the connected equipment?

Stabilizer will give a stabilized and safe voltage to the connected equipment within the specified limit even if the input voltage is high or Low.

5. What is the importance of Time Delay?

Time delay system will protect the compressor from frequent ON / OFF of the connected equipment due to flickering in line voltage by providing a delay.

6. What is the duration of normal Time Delay?

Normally the duration of Time delay is 2 minute to 4minutes.

7. What is ITDS?

ITDS means Intelligent Time Delay System. This will provide the time delay only when it is actually necessary. There will be no initial time delay.

8. How the time delay increases the life of the compressor?

When Electric supply goes and comes back immediately, the load on the compressor will be more and it will result in heating up the compressor. If it repeats several times it will affect the life of the compressor and its efficiency. Time delay will give the compressor the balancing time resulting in enhanced compressor life.

9. Why the Low Voltage cut off and high voltage cut off are necessary?

All Electrical and electronic items are sensitive to high voltage. If the input voltage of the connected equipments is more that 270 V, it will definitely harm the equipment. For some electronic equipments, even if the input voltage goes above 250 Volt, it may start malfunctioning. The equipments with winding is not supposed to work in Low / high voltage because during Low / high voltage the equipment draws more current and get heated up, thus it results in burning out of the winding.

10. Can TV Stabilizers be used for Refrigerators?

No. Refrigerators requires Low voltage cut off, High voltage cut off and Time delay, but the TV Stabilizers are with high voltage cut off only because TVs doesn’t require Low Voltage cut off or Time delay.

11. Can a Refrigerator stabilizer be kept on top of the Refrigerator?

It is always advisable to keep it on a separate stand.

12. Is Volt meter necessary for a Stabilizer?

Not necessary. Since the stabilizer have the Low cut off and high cut off, it will automatically turn off the Refrigerator during the high voltage and low voltage.

13. What is meant by Spike?

Spike is a sudden jump in the voltage which last only for a very brief period, usually in micro/ milli seconds which can damage sensitive electronic equipment if not suppressed.

14. What is ZCD technology?

It is Zero Crossing Detection Technology. The Relay changeover in the stabilizer will take place during Zero crossing period of the AC Mains input voltage. By this way the stabilizer life will increase and it will also result on less radio frequency noise generation.

15. Can we use normal TV Stabilizer for LCD TV?

It is advisable to use specially designed LCD TV Stabiliser to protect the LCD TV. Compared to CRT TVs, the LCD / LED TVs are very much sensitive to voltage fluctuations and spikes. The working ranges of LCD / LED TVs are from 90V to 290V. It shows that these TVs are more sensitive to High voltages. The LCD / LED TVs are with Micro processer technology and with single PCB card, making any after sales service very much expensive.

16. Whether we should use stabilizer for Refrigerator with stabilizer free operation?

Yes. There is no stabilizer inside the Refrigerator. Refrigerator companies claim that it can work at low voltage and high voltage. But if the Refrigerator works at low voltage , it will affects its cooling efficiency and its life. Also there is no Low voltage cut off & High voltage cut off in the Refrigerator. This is the reason, major Refrigerator companies are insisting in their Warranty Card about the use Good Quality Voltage stabilizer.