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  • Invidia Pro

Invidia Pro

100% copper winding motor
Invidia Pro comes with a copper motor. Copper's low resistance and superior conductivity keep the motor cool even during longer consistent operations and ensure effective utilization of electricity. The powerful torque ensures that the grinding becomes easier and faster. Further, the Class-F insulation (superior in quality) in the motor enables it withstand temperature up to 150 ℃ to protect it from the adverse conditions; thus, ensuring longevity. Furthermore, the decarborized lamination on the stamping inside the motor of Invidia Pro removes all the carbon content to minimise electrical losses; thus, adds to the efficiency of the motor.

LED Indication for peace of mind
Adding a great deal of convenience to your favourite mixer grinder, the front LED indicator helps you check power supply as well as the overloading. The indicator turns Green when the power supply is on and will turn Red in case of overloading, indicating load re-adjustment and reset.

Low voltage operation and inverter compatibility for uninterrupted operation
Grinding something for a special dish and struggling from low-voltage or power failures? Worry no more! Invidia Pro assures great performance even during low-voltage conditions and works well on the inverter supplied power.

Stainless Steel, rust-proof jars for effective grinding
Invidia Pro's jars are made of durable & high-grade Stainless Steel. The rust-proof jars are strong and facilitate effective grinding.

Multiple speed options
The Revolutions per Minute (RPM) of the motor indicates high speed grinding even with heavier loads. V-Guard Invidia Pro mixer grinder offers 3 speed options and 1 whip option that can be chosen according to your needs.

Unbreakable and transparent polycarbonate lid
The unbreakable PolyCarbonate lid assures great strength, with the advantage of being transparent to view the contents inside.

Overload protection
For the safety of electric motor from overloading, an overload protector is incorporated into the main unit. In case of an overloading incident, the reset button at the bottom of the motor unit can be pressed to reset your Invidia Pro.

Uniform etched flow breakers in jar for grinding efficiancy
Flow breakers within the jar help increase the jar strength and ensure that it lasts longer. Also, it breaks the flow of the items inside to ensure uniform grinding by guiding the denser particles towards the blades. This feature is especially helpful for all types of grinding.

Ergonomic jar handle design
The handles of the jars are specifically designed to facilitate a strong grip and makes using Invidia Pro an effortless experience.

Vacuum feet for extra stability
The feet of Invidia Pro are equipped with vacuum footprints to ensure better stability of the grinder.

Special embossing in the jar for easy cleaning
The special embossing within the jar is anti-corrosive and makes cleaning easier by leaving no nook and cranny for the food to settle down in hard -to-reach areas. It also ensures that the grinding is uniform by not giving the ingredients place to settle down.

Specially designed blades for effective grinding
Invidia Pro blades are made of durable and high-grade Stainless Steel to ensure durability. Designed to enable uniform and powerful grinding, the blades can be seamlessly removed for easy cleaning and switching.


  • 100% copper winding motor
  • Overload protection
  • High-torque motor for enhanced performance even during low-voltage supply. Inverter compatible
  • Special grade Stainless Steel Multi-function jars with uniquely designed & highly durable blades
  • Dual toned smiley indicator
  • Energy-efficient longer lasting motor with 100% copper winding & Class F Insulation
  • Overload Protection with LED Indicator
  • Vortex Flow Technology for effective grinding

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