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What’s a durable yet sleek design? In our language, it’s called Wilma! An ideal fan is one that not only scores on looks but is equally efficient in performance. Wilma from the house of V-Guard is a ceiling fan that fits this criterion perfectly. This ceiling fan has an elegant design that’s supported by two beautiful colour finishes namely Golden Brown and Sparkle Ivory. Along with a paint finish that is long lasting, it is also sturdily built fan with specially designed aluminium blades for wider air circulation, making it a perfect choice for any home or office. The V-Guard ceiling fan thrives on optimum performance due to the presence of a powerful motor that provides superior air flow at 830 rpm that can cool off a room in minutes by circulating air quickly and uniformly with an air sweep of 600 mm. This high speed ceiling fan works efficiently on 70 W of power making it economical to use. It offers a consistent and steady performance even at low voltages. This 600 mm ceiling fan also has an attractive price tag that further adds to the utility of this fan.


  • High speed fan with metallic finish
  • "6" Pole Motor gives enhanced performance
  • Specially designed aluminium blades
  • Available in 600mm sweep size


Sweep Rated power Rated air delivery Rated Speed Sweep Speed Power Air Delivery
600 mm70 W130 m3/min830 RPM

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