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Smart Inverter Series

Take the power in your hands

Here’s a smart digital powerhouse to ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted moments with your loved ones at home. The V-Guard Smart Inverter Series has 9 advanced features that you can control through your mobile phone with the V-Guard Smart app. Extremely stable and sturdy, this inverter delivers uncompromised performance and joy, even in times of power cuts.

V-Guard smart app:

An exclusive app loaded with a host of intelligent features that lets you control your V-Guard smart appliances, in just a few clicks. Download the V-Guard Smart app, scan the QR code from the packaging, register your device and you are ready to take charge!

Big in features, compact in size


No more blaming the power cut for your Monday blues. With the Smart inverter in your home, you can use your coffee maker just the same, for your morning dose of caffeine. Switch to the Appliance Mode on the V-Guard Smart app and you can use high-intensity appliances such as electric iron, coffee maker, grinder, toaster, hair dryer and more, during power cuts, for up to 15 minutes.


Worried about long power outages in summer? Simply charge your inverter’s battery to support longer backups. This can be done by switching to Turbo Charge mode that not only charges faster but also provides reliable power backup.


When you're away from home on a vacation, ensure your inverter takes a little break too. Through the V-Guard Smart app, switch to Holiday Mode. You will not only save energy, but also ensure that the battery stays in full charge when you return from your vacation.

More Features

Control Performance Levels

Change the power output from your inverter at any time, using performance tracker on the V-Guard Smart app. With this, you can also run appliances with longer backup, based on your requirements.


No more annoying beeps and buzzers to interrupt your weekend siesta or quiet reading time. You can mute your inverter, using the app, and never again worry about incessant alerts during power back up and restoration.


No more bumping in the dark to get to the inverter – manual operation is a thing of the past! The Smart inverter series easily syncs with your smartphone through Bluetooth. Once your device is registered on the V-Guard Smart app, you can control the power to turn it ON or OFF, no matter where you are.


Combat voltage fluctuations by cutting off power supply from the mains and letting your Smart inverter take over, using the V-Guard Smart app.


To raise concerns regarding your inverter issues, simply log in to the app to register your complaint and get quick technical assistance.


Easily keep a check on the battery usage and performance of your device on the V-Guard Smart app. With an access to information like battery backup time, battery percentage, you can accordingly plan your load usage.

More Features


Technical specifications

  • Models

    Smart 1100 | Smart 1500

  • Capacity

    900VA / 740W | 1200VA / 840W

  • Nominal Output Voltage at No Load in Normal Mode

    220 ± 5VAC

  • Nominal Output Voltage at No Load in UPS Mode

    230 ± 5VAC

  • Nominal Output Voltage at No Load In High Performance Mode

    240 ± 5VAC

  • Nominal Mode Mains Input Range in System ON Mode

    90V To 290V ± 10V

  • UPS Mode Mains Input Range in System ON Mode

    180V To 260V ± 5V

  • Charging Current in Normal Charging Mode (By Back Side Selection Switch)

    10A ± 1A DC | 12A ± 1A DC

  • Charging Current in High Charging Mode (By Back Side Selection Switch)

    15A ± 1A DC | 17A ± 1A DC

  • Charging Current in Turbo Charging Mode

    20A ± 1A DC(By Mobile App)

  • USB Charger Voltage

    5.0V DC ± 0.2 DC, Emergency power to charge your mobiles / tablets even after inverter fully after low battery protection.

  • USB Charger Current Capacity

    1A DC ± 0.1A DC

  • USB Charger Battery Low Cut Voltage

    9.0V DC ± 0.2V DC

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