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Why your AC needs a Stabilizer ?

Uninterrupted performance during Voltage Fluctuations

Power supply is erratic in most parts of India. Sudden voltage fluctuations (high as well as low) beyond an optimum range can cause havoc to your Air Conditioner. A reliable voltage stabilizer like V Guard will help your AC get an optimum voltage output by deploying boosting and bucking technology and by providing turn-on-delay technology.

Avoid Start-up trouble during voltage fluctuations

During low voltage fluctuations, the compressor of your Air Conditioner might encounter start-up trouble; consequently, the efficiency of the AC will get affected. A good quality stabilizer will boost up the voltage supply during low voltage conditions and help compressor start functioning to deliver optimum performance.

Avoid high power consumption during low voltage supply

If voltage supply drips during the operation of your AC, it causes AC to consume more power to deliver specific cooling effect. Whereas, by installing a trustworthy stabilizer you can avoid such spikes in the power consumption since the stabilizer will automatically scale up the voltage to provide stable voltage supply to your AC.

Boost longevity of your Air Conditioner

Frequent voltage fluctuations can have negative effect on the sensitive components of your Air Conditioner. High voltage supplies can damage the electronic circuitries, display panel, etc. Therefore, it becomes imperative to provide optimum voltage supply to your AC. A good quality stabilizer will mitigate the risks associated with the high voltage fluctuations.

Protect the expensive Compressor of your AC

A frequent and sudden re-starting of your Air Conditioner during erratic voltage supply can cause harm to its compressor. An ITDS (Intelligent time delay system) enabled stabilizer will protect the compressor of your AC by intelligently delaying the voltage supply to the compressor.

Why V Guard AC Stabilizer ?

India’s Largest Selling Stabilizer

V Guard is India’s largest selling* and most trusted brand in the electronic voltage stabilizer category having a legacy of almost 40 years. V Guard Stabilizers come in different capacities and designs to suit the varying needs of your Air Conditioners.
* - As per IMRB report , 2007.

ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED R&D

V Guard is fully committed to the relentless pursuance of Innovation and Quality. Our stabilizers are designed & developed by ISO 9001: 2008 certified and DSIR (Department of Scientific & industrial Research) recognised stringent Research & Development systems and processes to ensure that our products are built to last and deliver customer delight.

A Proud Superbrand

V Guard voltage stabilizers have been conferred Superbrand status and the brand V Guard has been recognized as one of India’s most outstanding brands. This reinforces faith of our millions of esteemed customers into our brand.

Best in Class Features

V Guard Stabilizers come with state of the art technologies such as ITDS (Intelligent time delay system) that provides reliable protection to your AC, an Intelligent Digital Display system that provides peace of mind, Overload Protection to safeguard AC during turbulent times, etc. What’s more our sleek and innovatively designed stabilizers will look cooler than your AC and add value to the upscale interior of your home!

Wide Range of Stabilizers

V Guard provides a versatile range of AC stabilizers so that you can find a perfect match for your air conditioner depending upon factors like AC Tonnage, voltage range, technology type (Invertor AC, Star rated AC), etc.

Pan India Presence

V-Guard is armed with vast network of distributors, direct dealers, retailers and service centres in its endeavour to reach every nook and corner of the country.

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Stabilizer Selection Tool & V Guard AC Stabilizer Range

You may select an appropriate V Guard Stabilizer for your Air Conditioner by choosing the following options:

AC Size

Stabilizer Display

VWI 400

12 Amp / 130V-280V

Anabelle Dorris

VG 400

12 Amp / 170V – 270V

Anabelle Dorris

VS 400

12 Amp / 170V – 280V

Anabelle Dorris

VND 400

12 Amp / 150V-290V

Anabelle Dorris

VND 400 Digital

12 Amp / 150V-290V

Anabelle Dorris

VD 400 Digital

12 Amp / 150V-290V

Anabelle Dorris

VWR 400

12 Amp / 130V-300V

Anabelle Dorris

VEW 400 Digital

12 Amp / 90V-300V

Anabelle Dorris

VGX 400

12 Amp / 130V-300V

Anabelle Dorris

VG 500

15 Amp / 170V – 270V

Anabelle Dorris

VS 500

15 Amp / 170V – 280V

Anabelle Dorris

VGB 500

15 Amp / 130V-300V

Anabelle Dorris

VND 500

15 Amp / 150V-285V

Anabelle Dorris

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About us

V-Guard, India’s leading electrical and electronics major, is a name trusted by over 50 million consumers since almost four decades. Renowned for its innovative products, world-class quality standards and technological excellence, V-Guard is also India’s No.1 Voltage Stabilizer brand*.

V-Guard offers a wide range of products built for day to day modern living, including Electronic & Digital Stabilizers (for LED TVs, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, etc.), UPS, Digital UPS, Solar Inverters, Solar Water Heaters, Electric Water Heaters, Fans, House Wiring Cables, Industrial Cables, Switch Gears, Induction Cooktops, Mixer Grinders and Single & Three Phase Pumps.

Designed and developed by our ISO 9001:2008 certified and DSIR recognized R&D, V-Guard products are made from high-quality components, pass through stringent quality standards at all stages of manufacturing process and are equipped with latest technologies and advanced features to deliver superior performance. V-Guard products are made available with 20,000+ Authorized Dealers, 3000+ Direct Dealers and 500+Distributors across India.

* Ranked No. 1 based on a study conducted by Feedback Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. to assess market for voltage stabilizer across various states in India in 2017