Over the course of almost five decades, V-Guard has diligently cultivated a remarkable standing and brand recognition. In the year 1977, a period characterized by high-priced refrigerators and their susceptibility to the detrimental effects of frequent power disruptions and voltage instabilities, V-Guard conceived and launched the revolutionary V-Guard stabilizer. This pioneering solution not only safeguarded millions of refrigeration units from premature malfunctions and shielded consumers from substantial financial burdens but also secured unwavering trust as a symbol of exceptional reliability.

Since then, V-Guard has continued to thrive, expanding its influence to encompass an impressive array of 17+ appliance and gadget categories. In a manner consistent with its strategy for the stabilizer,
V-Guard devotes substantial time and effort towards comprehending human needs and understanding the challenges and pleasures linked to ever-changing lifestyles. This commitment fuels V-Guard's drive for innovation and continuous improvement, ultimately aiming to create a better tomorrow for households.

The first two decades of the 21st century have witnessed rapid transformations and the emergence of new aspirations. The increasingly fast-paced nature of life has elevated the value of time and made multitasking an essential survival skill. Looking ahead, we anticipate significant changes in kitchen spaces, driven by a newfound emphasis on health, hygiene, and the ability to cater to diverse culinary preferences. All of this will unfold while acknowledging the perpetual constraints of time.

As we embark on the V-Guard Big Idea 2023, our theme for this edition is "The hygienic, multi-tasking, intuitive kitchen."

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V-Guard is just coming off a massive brand transformation exercise. The new philosophy embraced by the brand envisages a culture that draws on over 40 years of experience to insightfully ideate and evolve a new generation of products that re-sets benchmarks in the category.  V-Guard has expanded its product portfolio with an increasing focus on consumer facing categories.

Big Idea Tech Design contest after its grand success in the previous years is gearing up for its 5th season now. The contest specially curated for Engineering and Design students encourages technological whiz kids to probe solutions for real life business problems and apply their technical knowledge to devise solutions that are pathbreaking. It also serves as a platform for V-Guard to connect to potential future employees.


The Big Idea Tech Design as the name suggests is a contest specially curated for Engineering and Design graduates. The hunt is on for path breaking application of existing technology or evolution of a new technology that can change the world.

The ideas could be an innovative product design, a process automation idea or an entirely new product proposal. The technologies leveraged could be 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Organic Electronics or Advanced Materials. We are open.

Remember we are seeking ideas for The hygienic, multi-tasking, intuitive kitchen that will usher in a better tomorrow !

Points to Remember:-

  • Your ideas should be commercially feasible and pragmatic with the potential to impact the lives of a substantially large set of consumers.

Winner’s Takeaway


1,00,000 + PPI*

Runner – Up



* Pre-Placement Interview (PPI) for students in the final year of their course, subject to existing Vacancies.

Who can participate?

  • No restriction in terms of specialization.
  • Students who are in their 2nd/3rd/ and 4th academic year are eligible to apply.
  • Knowledge of Basic Electronics/ Design principles/ Programming is a prerequisite for participating in the event.

Rules & Regulations

    • Any number of teams can participate from a single college.
    • Number of members in a single team should not exceed 3.
    • All team members must be from the same college.(Team Members’ Specialization/Year of study can be different)
    • The participants must produce ID cards on request.
    • Registration Fees: Rs 500/- per team.
    • Participation will be confirmed subject to receipt of participation fee. The fee paid is non-refundable.
    • Post registration confirmation, participants will be shared detailed instructions on submissions.
    • The decisions of the judges will be final and binding on the participating teams.
    • Participating teams are requested to visit the website for all updates about the competition.
    • Organizers have the right to make changes in the event if necessary.


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Final Phase
Registration & Ideation
  • Teams at this stage must refer to the judging criteria and explain concisely the relevance, impact and action plan of the proposed idea in a word document not exceeding 2 pages. (2000 words). This should be submitted in V-Guard website after registration is made and payment is approved.
  • The executive summary should be typed (Times New Roman, font size 12). Charts, diagrams, etc. may be included to support any research work or data collection.
Shortlisting & Elaboration
  • Top 20 Teams will be shortlisted based on the executive summary submitted. Results will be published on the website.
  • The shortlisted top 20 teams will be required to research further on the idea. They may choose to build a prototype or a model that represents the idea.
  • Students can make early-stage models (although not mandatory)– not to test strength, flow or durability characteristics but to verify how the product will look and feel. Technologies like CAD, 3-D printing etc. may be used.
  • Students must submit their elaborate reports (Not exceeding 6000 words) including the schematic/flow diagrams keeping in mind the criteria of evaluation.
  • A designated contact ID will be shared during this stage to which students can submit proofs of models/prototypes (in the form of images or videos or in any other preferred format) if any.
Final Phase
  • Shortlisted top 10 teams will be published in the website and invited to make the final presentation and model demonstration round.
  • Top 3 teams will be announced and adjudged winners.

Payment Method

Participation fee should be remitted online (Online Banking/NEFT/Card Payments/UPI) with deposit title/comments as ‘Team Name_ BITD_2023’. Reference ID or payment screenshots should be uploaded as payment proof in website.

Registration Fee: Rs 500/- per team.

Last date for the registration is 14th August 2023.

Account No. 917010076568543


Bigidea Timeline

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria shall be considered while assessing the submitted idea:

Does/Can the design achieve the form, function and capability/performance claimed?
Whether the proposed solution explores the various existing and developing technologies and is an appropriate solution for the problem?
Can the Design be brought to the market with the knowledge and techniques present today?
Does it solve an existing or future problem or need in the market? In what way does it do better than other known solutions?
How can these solutions add value to the end user? How would V-Guard generate business from the solution?