V-Guard is re-inventing itself as a company and a brand. The new philosophy embraced by the brand envisages a culture that draws on over 40 years of experience to insightfully ideate and evolve a new generation of products that re-sets benchmarks in the category.

The theme for this year’s The Big Idea contest is “Bring home a better tomorrow”. We invite you to share with us ideas that breathe life into the theme.

The ideas could be to do with a completely new product idea, an insightful but simple product innovation that has the potential to impact our consumer’s lives substantially, an idea that can change the cost structures positively or a delightful new way to deliver the product experience itself.

The proposed recommendations should ideally be in line with our product mix

The idea must follow below mentioned considerations

  • There should be an Insight and Rationale for the idea
  • It needs to be financially and technically feasible
  • It has to be presented in a manner that clearly outlines the functionality and relevance of the idea
  • It must be a pragmatic idea with the potential to impact the lives of a substantially large set of consumers
  • It should ideally draw synergies with our line of business


Registration Date
Last Date of Registration 17th August, 2018
Registration Closed

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