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The A-Grade competition for your B-Plan since 2011

The Big Idea contest, hosted annually by V-Guard Industries Limited, converges corporate acumen and academic brilliance into a shared platform. Here, participants delve into strategies for V-Guard, engaging in discussion, analysis, brainstorming, and ultimately, recognition through awards.

Ever have an idea that could revolutionize the industry? Want to match wits with V-Guard's brightest minds? Then buckle up, because the Big Idea contest is back for its 14th season!

This annual competition is your chance to get your Business-plan noticed by the bigwigs at V-Guard Industries. Rub shoulders with industry leaders, get your ideas battle-tested, and walk away with valuable insights to propel your future career.

Here's the real deal: Over 1000 students from top Management colleges have already thrown their hats in the ring. Are you ready to join the league of extraordinary minds?

The Big Idea contest - It's not just a competition, it's a launchpad for your future!


“Winning the Future: Innovative Strategies to Shape Tomorrow’s Homes with V-Guard Home Appliances”

In today's modern world, homes are becoming centers of convenience, efficiency, and aesthetics, with home appliances playing a crucial role. We, being a leading brand in this sector, are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that enhance home comfort. As sustainability becomes more important to consumers, the demand for eco-friendly and energy-efficient appliances is rising.

We invite you to leverage your business acumen to devise groundbreaking and innovative plans that revolutionize home appliances, focusing on health, convenience, sustainability, and efficiency to cater to the evolving needs of modern consumers.

What we are looking for ?

Bring Innovation

Participants are expected to come with creative and original strategies.

Think Holistic

Participants should think beyond individual product ideas and consider comprehensive business strategies.

Build on Strength

Be focused on home appliance market from V-Guard’s portfolio and ensure V-Guard’s success in it.

Feasible Ideas

The ideas should innovative but, executable & commercially viable, with the potential to impact the lives of a significant consumer base.

THE Process

Phase 1 - Registration

Each team should register through the Register Now button. The registration will be completed only after adding all the team members to the team profile and by making the registration payment before the deadline.

  • Registration and Payment Deadline: 14th August 2024
  • Registration Fee: Rs. 1000

Phase 2 - Executive Summary Submission

The executive summary should not exceed 2000 words. Charts, diagrams, and other visual aids may be included to support any research or data collection. The summary should try and cover the following aspects in brief:

Rationale of the Plan

  • Fit to V-Guard Portfolio
  • A Brief Overview of the Operational, Financial, and Marketing Plan
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage
  • Key Strategies for Executing the Plan
  • Business Model Canvas

Deadline: 18th August 2024, 2:00 PM

Phase 3 - Detailed Report Submission

Teams shortlisted from the Executive Summary phase must submit a Final Report with 4000–5000 words. This report should be an extension and elaboration of the Executive Summary.

The detailed report should cover:

  • Feasibility Study of the Business Idea through Consumer Research
  • Customer Value Analysis
  • Financial Feasibility and Projections
  • Market Penetration and Market Development Plan
  • All other aspects of a typical business plan

Further guidelines will be shared separately with the shortlisted teams via candidate portal.

Deadline: 4th September 2024, 2:00 PM

Phase 4 - Final Presentation Submission

The top 20 teams will be shortlisted based on the detailed report submitted. They will have to create a Final Presentation in pptx format and submit it in the candidate portal.

Deadline: 24th September 2024, 2:00 PM

Phase 5 - Final Event Presentation at Venue

The teams shortlisted will have to present their business plans to the judges for the Finale Event at Kochi.

  • Presentation Dates: 27th and 28th September 2024
  • Location: Kochi

Key Timelines

14th AUG 2024


18th AUG 2024

Executive Summary Submission

4th SEP 2024

Detailed Report

18th SEP 2024

Declaration of Finalists

24th SEP 2024

Final Presentation

27nd & 28rd
SEP 2024

Finale Event

eligibility criteria

  • Students currently pursuing a two-year MBA or equivalent course from any recognized institution.
  • Teams can consist of 1 to 3 members.
  • Both 1st year and 2nd year MBA students are eligible to participate in the contest
  • 4th and 5th year students of Integrated MBA or equivalent courses are also eligible.
  • Students from any specialization can participate.

Competition Rules

  • Multiple teams from a single institute are allowed to participate.
  • Each team may consist of up to 3 members.
  • All team members must be from the same college, regardless of their year of study or specialization.
  • Participants must present their ID cards upon request.
  • The registration fee is Rs. 1000 per team.
  • Participation is confirmed only upon receipt of the registration fee.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • All decisions made by the judges are final and binding on the participating teams.
  • Participating teams should regularly check the competition website and their registered profiles for updates.
  • All deadlines must be strictly adhered to; no extensions will be provided.
  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event as necessary.

Frequently asked questions

Individuals pursuing an Executive MBA or equivalent program, as well as students studying courses other than MBA, are not eligible to apply.

Make sure that the email ID and mobile number you provided during registration are correct and valid.

Ensure that the Email ID provided is the personal one.

Sometimes OTP emails end up in the Junk/Spam folder. Check there to see if the OTP email is there.

After confirming these details, refresh the page and requesting the OTP again . If the issue persists, wait for 2 - 3 hours and attempt the registration process once more.

If your college name is not listed in the drop-down, select “Others” option and manually enter the College Full Name in the following format – College Full Name, State

Your participation will be confirmed upon the receipt of Registration Fees of Rs.1000 (non-refundable). The last date to make the payment is 14th Aug 2024.

After completing the registration, log in to your profile using (please provide login link) and make the payment.

Participants can pay the registration fee using all the major payment modes such as UPI (Google Pay, BHIM, PhonePe, Paytm, etc.), Internet Banking, Credit/Debit Card, and other Wallets.

If your payment hasn't been reflected in your profile but has already been debited from your account, please allow up to 48 hours for it to be credited back.

If after 48 hours the status remains unchanged and the amount hasn't been credited back, please reach out to us via email at or call us on the given numbers. We'll be glad to assist you further.

There is no provision to refund the registration fees. In case you make the payment twice by mistake, there is no provision for a refund.

If the payment status remains unchanged after 48 hours, inform the Help desk team refrain from making another payment until receiving confirmation from the Big Idea Helpdesk.

The team can comprise of 1 - 3 members.

No, cross college teams are not allowed. All the team members must be from the same college.

Yes, team members can be from different specializations and year of study

To add a Team Member, login to your profile and follow the below steps.

The team member can be deleted from your login page. Follow the steps below

After deleting a team member, a new member can be added.

No, an individual can only be part of one team at a time.

Yes, the entire team registration can be deleted by contacting the help desk. However, note that the payment will not be refunded in this case.

Yes, the submitted document can be edited and resubmitted until the official final day of submission.

Important Dates:-

Executive Summary Submission Deadline - 18 Aug 2024

Executive Summary Shortlist Announcement - 27th Aug 2024

Detailed Report Submission Deadline - 4th September 2024

Detailed Report Shortlist Announcement - 18th September 2024

Final Presentation (PPT) Submission - 24th September 2024

Finale Event at Kochi - 27th and 28th

Keep an eye on your emails and regularly check your Big Idea profile for any updates and information regarding the selection of your submission.

Accommodation will be provided by V-Guard. You will need to book your own travel tickets, and we will reimburse the expenses post the event. Further details will be shared once the finalists are announced.

Big rewards for big ideas

₹3 Lakh*


₹2 Lakh*

1st Runner-Up


Special Jury 1*

₹1 Lakh*

2nd Runner-Up


Special Jury 2*

Pre - Placement Interview

Full-time and Summer Internship Opportunity

*The finalists of the Big Idea Competition will have the opportunity for a pre-placement interview (PPI) with V-Guard.

First-year students will be eligible for interview opportunities for the Summer Internship Program (SIP), while second-year students will have interview opportunities for full-time employment/positions, both subject to existing vacancies.

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