Featuring BLDC Technology

*Actual saving depends upon the usage & cost of electricity |
#Depends upon model, Working voltage range may vary

Saves up to 57% On Electricity Bills*

Performs in 60V–300V Wide Voltage Range#

Runs up to 3X Longer on Inverters

The V-Guard BLDC Technology Advantages

One BLDC technology that fits all fans.

Ceiling Fans

Pedestal Fans

Wall Fans

Exhaust Fans

Our 5 Star BLDC ‘Fan’ Club

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New Launch

Colours: Choco Brown Wood

Colours: Emerald Green

Colours: Caremal Brown

Colours: Choco Brown Glossy

Colours: Imperial Gold

Colours: Elegance Brown Matte

Colours: Metallic Grey

Colours: Pearl Ivory Glossy

Colours: Raiband Blue

Colours: Rose Glow

Colours: Titanium

Colours: Perl White


The elegant swirls of luxury.

1200mm Sweep Size

5 years Warranty

370 RPM

  • Slim design. Smart savings.
  • Reverse flow mode
  • Equipped with a wider voltage range of 60 to 310 V
  • 5 modes of operations. Set them as per your mood
  • Multiple timer options- 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours.
Save up to Rs. 1519/- annually

Colours: White

Colours: Ivory

Colours: Matte Brown

Colours: Admiral Blue

Colours: Jet Grey

Enviro Pro BLDC

The perfect Centrepiece for your room!

1.2 m Sweep Size

4 years Warranty

370 RPM

  • 5-star rated energy-saving fan.
  • Runs up to 3 times longer on an inverter.
  • 35 watts BLDC motor for lower power consumption and cost saving.
  • Can be controlled using the remote.
  • A beautiful and trendy ornamental ring makes it more attractive
Save up to Rs. 1556/- annually

Colours: Elegance Brown

Colours: Perl White Silver

Colours: Perl Brown

Colours: Riband Blue Matte

Colours: Ora Impact

Colours: Rose Glow

Colours: Imperial Gold

Colours: Titanium Rose

Colours: Choco Brown Matte

Colours: Stary Black

Glado Prime BLDC

The perfect Centrepiece for your room!

1.2 m Sweep Size

5 years Warranty

380 RPM

  • 5-star rated energy-saving fan.
  • Efficient BLDC 34 watts motor.
  • Seamless & integrated decorative design
  • Effective dust-repellent coating technology
  • Compatible with wall mount regulator.
Save up to Rs. 1632/- annually

Colours: Brown Matte

Colours: Riband Blue

Colours: Caramel Brown

Colours: Oro Impact

Colours: Pearl White

Enviro 32 BLDC

The perfect Centrepiece for your room!

1.2 m Sweep Size

3 years Warranty

350 RPM

  • Runs up to 3 times longer on an inverter.
  • 4 Wind Mode selection for exceptional air delivery.
  • Comes with a remote control.
  • Dust-repellent coating technology attracts less dirt.
  • BLDC Motor helps you save up to 57% of your energy.

A Handsome Fansome range for all your needs

Whether it is speed, smart features, technology or energy efficiency, the V-Guard range of fans is designed to offer you cooling solutions unlike any other. With a variety of styles and features, they're perfect for any space. Choose the V-Guard fan for you today!

Not sure, which is the right fan for you? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide.

Know the star power of your fan

The rating of a BEE 5-star label is calculated by its service value.
A fan’s service value is the ratio of air delivery in meter cubes per minute divided by the power consumption in wattage.
Higher the service value, higher the star rating.

Sweep Size < 1200 mm Sweep Size > 1200 mm
Star Rating
Service Value
>3.1 to < 3.6
>3.6 to < 4.1
>4.1 to < 4.6
>4.6 to < 5.1
Star Rating
Service Value
>4.0 to < 4.5
>4.5 to < 5.0
>5.0 to < 5.5
>5.5 to < 6.0

*Assuming the fan is running for 6 hrs/day

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Our V-Guard range of fans is designed to keep your home fresh, cool, and airy in all seasons.
Watch videos of the entire range to find your perfect fan.

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V-Guard is a trusted brand in home appliances, known for its reliable and high-quality products.
From air coolers to water heaters and more, V-Guard has a solution for all your home needs.

A legacy of 45+ years, serving 60 million+ Indians!

V-Guard is a leading brand in the Indian electrical and appliances business with a legacy of over 45 years in the industry. The brand is synonymous with high-quality products and all-round customer service, which has helped it to build a customer base of over 60 million satisfied users. With a strong presence in the Indian market, the company continues to innovate and expand its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Strong R&D. Strict Quality Control

Our R&D team is committed to continuously improving and innovating their products to meet the ever-changing appliances landscape. In addition, V-Guard's quality control team rigorously tests and inspects all products before they are released to the market. This combination of strong R&D and quality control enables V-Guard to provide customers with products that are reliable, efficient and safe to use.

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