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imagina ceiling fan

imagined for future, created today!

Imagina is a futuristic range of ceiling fans built for smart living, and backed by smarter technology. With app-controlled features, cleverly programmed LED lights, and stunning looks, Imagina is here to add a classy touch to your home. This intelligent fan can be easily controlled using remote controller or the V-Guard Smart app.

V-Guard smart app:

An exclusive app loaded with a host of intelligent features that lets you control your V-Guard smart appliances, in just a few clicks. Download the V-Guard Smart app, scan the QR code from the packaging, register your device and get ready to take control in your hands!

V-Guard Imagina Ceiling Fan

Enjoy a breeze of new features

LED Colours Ceiling Fan

LED Colours
as you Desire

Brighten up your home with colored LED lights. You can choose among yellow, magenta, blue, green, white and red colors that can be switched using a remote controller or the V-Guard Smart app. The app comes with an added advantage of customizing the colour of LED lights, basis your mood using colour selecting panel and the best part – it lets you adjust the intensity of light.

Colored LED Lights Fan
i-Mode of Imagina Ceiling Fan
i-MODE Fan


i-Mode is the latest technological innovation by V-Guard, embedded in its stylish range of Imagina ceiling fans. When in i-Mode, it adjusts the fan speed basis the speed setting and ambient temperature. Select a convenient fan speed, best suited to your comfort and turn the i-Mode ON for this intelligent feature to work best.

Imagina Breeze Mode


Enjoy the sea breeze like experience inside the confines of your home. There are 3 different kinds of breeze modes available in Imagina fans which can be accessed using remote controller or V-Guard Smart app.

Imagina Fan

More Features

Rhythm, Flash and Fade Mode

Play a combination of LED lights with Rhythm Mode. Select from 3 available Rhythm modes by pressing the button 3 times enabling one mode per press. You can also regulate the intensity of selected LED light, making it vary instantly or gradually using the Flash and Fade mode. All these functions can be easily controlled through remote controller and V-Guard Smart app.

Rhythm, Flash and Fade Mode


Don’t concern yourself about switching off the ceiling fan anymore, as the Imagina timer will take care of it. It comes with an in-built timer to define the fan run time that can be set for 2hr to 8 hr time period and if the power goes off, the timer automatically resets. It can be operated either by using remote controller or the V-Guard Smart app.

Imagina Timer

Speed settings

Forget the regulator. Now you can operate your V-Guard smart ceiling fan and choose among 8 different speed settings, using remote controller or V-Guard Smart app.

V-Guard Smart Ceiling Fan

Ready to install

This stunning range of fans, comes with a ready to install feature that makes its installation smooth and effortless. Packaged with an easy to install motor assembly and precisely balanced blade set.

Ready to Install Feature

More Features


Technical specifications

  • Sweep


  • Voltage


  • Rated Power#


  • Rated Air Delivery


  • Rated Speed


#Power consumption for LED is not considered
V-Guard Smart LED Fan

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Smart Mobile App

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