Verano water heater

india's first intelligent water heating system

Verano is an IoT-enabled, high efficiency, smartphone-compatible water heater with cloud-based functionality. This smart water heater can be switched on/off, scheduled, monitored, and operated from anywhere in the world, using V-Guard Smart app.

V-Guard smart app:

An exclusive app loaded with a host of intelligent features that lets you control your V-Guard smart appliances, in just a few clicks. Download the V-Guard Smart app, scan the QR code from the packaging, register your device and get ready to take control in your hands!

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Intelligent Water Heater


Access the intelligent water heater through the V-Guard Smart app on your smartphone using Wi-Fi. As soon as the V-Guard Smart app comes in contact with a Wi-Fi network, it lets you control the appliance remotely.

Wi-Fi Connect Water Heater
Schedule your water heater

intelligent shower

Schedule your water heater to automatically switch on and off at desired temperatures every day, using the V-Guard Smart app on your phone. Verano water heater comes with a set of scheduling options and once the time and temperature is set, the advanced water heater will operate automatically.

Smart Global SYNC Water Heater

Global SYNC

Getting in touch with your smart water heater and controlling its activities just got simplified with Verano smart water heaters. Just download the V-Guard Smart app and sync your smartphone to control and change modes, set schedules and monitor energy consumption from anywhere, anytime.

Verano smart water heaters

More Features

Digital Temp control

Before you get into the bath, know exactly how warm or cold the water is through smart digital LED display. This not only helps in saving energy but also ensures your bathing comfort.

Water Heater Digital TEMP Control

auto cut off

Embedded with electronic controller, it senses the water temperature and cuts off the power supply as soon as temperature rises above the desired settings. It can also restart the system as soon as the water temperature drops lower than what was expected.

Water Heater Auto Cut

infrared remote

Switch your water heater on/off and set the desired temperature using infrared remote control that comes with this innovatively-designed appliance.

Remote Control Water Heater


Engineered polymer anti-corrosion, or the revolutionary EPAC technology uses a rust-resistant polymer on the lining of the inner tank to ensure water heater’s longer life.

water heater’s longer life


Verano water heater has the ability to diagnose itself if it runs into a problem and automatically alerts you through the V-Guard Smart app. It generates an automated message about the issue, notifying you to get in touch with the service center and schedule an appointment.

self-diagnosis Water Heater

smart alert

No more worrying about saving energy with this advanced water heating system as it continuously monitors and notifies you through automated alerts as and when the water temperature reaches above the desired settings.

Smart Alert water heating system

More Features

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Technical specifications

  • Capacity



  • Modal Name

    Verano DG 15

    Verano DG 25

  • Rating in Watts



  • Star rating

    5 star

    5 star

  • Body Dia (in cm)



  • Body Height (in cm)



  • Version of mounting



  • Working Pressure Kg/cm2(Max)



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