Made For Indian Water Conditions
Because excellence lies in details

Our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability combined with our innate understanding of Indian conditions has enabled us to introduce a range of advanced water purifiers – thoughtfully designed to last long in India’s tough and unique conditions, giving you unmatched purification standards.

Each filter is carefully crafted to form a multi-stage purification process with utmost precision

The science behind this process effectively eliminates all kinds of micro-organisms, chemicals and other organic impurities, which are quite commonly found in India’s water supply. Its robust long-lasting filters and thoughtful design ensure an uncompromising performance for longer periods with minimum maintenance.

01Pre-Filter With Large Dirt Capacity
02Anti-Microbial Pre-Carbon (GAC)
03Sediment Filter
04RO Membrane
05UV Disinfection
06 & 07Post Carbon GAC + Mineral Balancer
08Micron Filter
This advanced multi-stage purification
process comprises three stages:
Let us dive deeper and understand
these stages better.
Stage 1
PRE-RO Treatment

Given the difficult nature of impurities in India’s water supply, the water cannot be passed directly through a sensitive RO Membrane. Therefore, we introduce a three-step purification that pre-treats the water, protecting the RO Membrane and enhancing its life.

External Pre-Filter
Removes large particulates and other similar impurities. Improves the life of the entire purification unit with its large dirt-holding capacity.
Copper Impregnated Pre-Carbon GAC
Removes excess chlorine, bad odour, colour, organic impurities. Its anti-microbial properties prevent the RO membrane from fouling.
Sediment Filter
Removes fine particulates, sediments, rust, dirt, and and all other similar impurities.
Stage 2
RO Treatment

Water now enters the heart of the water purifier i.e. RO Membrane. Made with the best-in-class technology, our RO membrane features a wide surface area, unlike ordinary membranes, resulting in higher productivity, much more efficient removal of impurities and long-lasting performance.

The highly optimized and durable RO unit with a wide surface area effectively removes:
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
Heavy Metals (Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, Cadmium etc.)
Micro-organisms (Bacteria, Virus, Protozoa, Cysts etc.)
Stage 3
POST-RO Treatment

Water flowing out of the RO Unit is again made to pass through a multi-step treatment process, adding extra layers of protection for ensuring the utmost safety and revival of the natural taste by balancing the pH levels of the water.

Next-Generation UV Chambers
Disinfects water to provide an additional layer of protection from micro-organisms. Unlike ordinary ones, this next-gen UV chamber makes the water pass through a special glass channel, which never lets water come in contact with metal that may contaminate it further.
06 & 07
Post Carbon GAC + Mineral Balancer
Granular Activated Carbon removes residual gases like CO2, VOCs from RO treated water while the unique calcite media balances the pH of RO treated water to revive its natural taste.
Micron Filter
Acts as the final stage of filtration and further polishes the filtered water to prevent any fine particles from entering the water storage tank.
Promise of the Purest Water.