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Crystal 200 Prime Smart/LED stabilizer is an effective system that protects your TV sets from treacherous voltage fluctuations. With a 6 Ampere capacity, it is an ideal choice to safeguard Smart/LED TVs up to 203 cm (80 inches),  set-top box, home theatre/gaming console or photostat machine from voltage fluctuations and supply-related threats. The state-of-the-art time delay system enables a 4-6 seconds initial delay to stabilize the voltage level fed to the TV during power cuts, thereby preventing any mishaps. Crystal 200 Prime is compactly designed with a sturdy cabinet made of ABS material for superior durability. It also comes with a three-year warranty. Pick this one up to protect your Smart/LED TV and enjoy an uninterrupted flow of entertainment irrespective of high or low voltage levels.

Line Noise & Spike Protection: The line Protection and Spike Protection feature protects your Smart/LED TVs from a sudden increase or decrease in voltage.

Low & High Voltage Cut-off: High and low voltage situations can havoc your Smart/LED TV. Equipped with a low & high voltage cut-off protection feature, the stabilizer is consistently powerful in protecting your TV so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted flow of entertainment irrespective of high or low voltage levels.

Primary Switching Technology: Crystal 200 Prime leverages Primary Switching Technology and operates without any interruption for the given voltage range.

Output Voltage Correction without Break: The product is further secured by a smart voltage correction feature, which adjusts voltage output levels, ensuring that the voltage levels are always set right.

Generator Compatibility: Crystal 200 Prime is compatible to generator, ensuring consistency and safety.

Performs in Wide Input Range: The stabilizer can work in a wide working range of 100 V to 290 V. It shuts down automatically if the input voltage is outside this specific range, thereby protecting your smart TV from low and high voltage.

Built-in Thermal Overload Protection: Crystal 200 Prime is equipped with an inbuilt thermal overload protection feature to protect the Smart/LED TV from high-temperature burnouts during overload conditions.


  • Line noise & Spike protection
  • Primary switching technology
  • Generator compatibility
  • Built-In Thermal Overload Protection
  • Low & High voltage cut off
  • Output voltage correction without break
  • Performs in wide input range


Model Capacity Working Range (Input) Cabinet Material Application Warranty Time Delay
CRYSTAL 200 PRIME6 Ampere100 VAC-290 VACABSSmart/LED TV above 203 cm (80) + Set Top Box+ Home Theatre/Gaming Console or Photostat Machine3 Year4-6 Seconds Initial Delay

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