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Enjoy long-lasting protection with V-Guard Classo+ Wires. Armed with triple-layer insulation technology, Classo+ ensures enhanced electrical and fire safety. The anti-termite insulation resists termites, enabling it to perform for a longer duration. Its moisture guard feature prevents the attack of moisture as the specially formulated PVC raw material prevents the oxidation of copper, thus retaining the colour of the copper, even during adverse weather conditions. It also offers extra flexibility to adapt to each turn and corner for easy wiring. Classo+ is also equipped with insulation PVC backend by high ageing properties. Its high insulation resistance helps reduce leakage, which in turn leads to fewer chances of failure during extended use. Made using 99.97% pure copper, Classo+ offers the highest conductivity and ensures the best electrical properties. The choice of material also ensures good conductor properties and wires have a long life. Also, it comes to you with an assurance of a “90 m ASSURED” seal, a unique marking that ensures the length of the wire is nothing short of what it claims to be. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures (70°C), Classo+ wires possess flame-retardant properties thus preventing propagation in case of short circuits & fire breakouts. Additionally, these wires prevent friction inside the conduit and offer easiness during installation with the help of specially formulated in-house PVC material which gives good aesthetics and working easiness. It also offers 100% bunching and has a voltage grade of up to and including 1100 V. Manufactured in accordance with BIS requirements at ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certified manufacturing plants, V-Guard Classo+ Wires are available in a wide range of colours - Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Grey & White. Switch to V-Guard Classo+ Wires and enjoy long-lasting protection.


House wiring cables for indoor electrification and power supply to all electrically operated equipment (Eg: Fans, Lights, Home Appliances, etc.).


  • Triple Layer Insulation for better safety.
  • Moisture guard resists moisture, ensuring long-lasting safety & protection.
  • High ageing property of PVC insulation.
  • Colours available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Grey & White.
  • High conductivity of copper (102% IACS) & low conductor resistance.
  • 99.97% pure copper.
  • Pulling easiness prevents friction inside conduit and offers easiness in installation.
  • Anti-termite insulation to resist the termite attack on PVC insulation.
  • Extra flexible for easy wiring.
  • Superior insulation resistance helps reduce leakage, leading to lesser chances of failure during extended use.
  • “90 m ASSURED” seal on cable.
  • 100% bunching.
  • Voltage grade: up to and including 1100 V.


Conductor nominal area in Number & nominal diameter of wire in No./mm Resistance (Maximum) per km. @ 20°C in Ohm Approximate over all diameter in mm Nominal thickness of insulation in mm Current carrying capacity Two cables, single phase In conduit/trunking in Ampere Current carrying capacity Two cables, single phase Unenclosed-clipped directly to a surface or on cable tray in Ampere

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