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  • Ei Power 300 Plus

Ei Power 300 Plus

Its advanced microcontroller based line interactive technology provides seamless power to a load when the input power source, typically mains power, fails. It features a space saving design that ensures that it compliments your home interiors and fits comfortably wherever you place it. It has an intelligent thermal management to keep it cool and enhance the performance of any appliance attached with the output supply of the Ei Power 300 Plus. The V-Guard Ei Power 300 Plus has been designed to tackle the problem of voltage fluctuations with its square wave output design and transfer a smooth flow of electricity to your valuable devices. More than just regulating and supplying power to your electronic devices, the V-Guard Ei Power 300 Plus provides smart overload and short circuit protection to your devices. Give your hardware just the kind of protection it deserves with this offering from the house of V-Guard. Now, it will be possible for you to function smoothly as your workstation will stay protected, thanks to this reliable member from the V-Guard family called the Ei Power 300 Plus.


  • Microcontroller based line interactive technology
  • SCR based charger
  • Intelligent audio/visual indications
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • Normal & Quick Battery charging mode
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Space saving design
  • Soft Start facility
  • Generator compatibility
  • Battery over charge/deep discharge protection
  • Smart Overload

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