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  • Invidia Phase Selector Vertical Distribution Boards

Invidia Phase Selector Vertical Distribution Boards

Looking for a distribution board that provides safety, convenience, quality and durability? Your search ends with the range of V-Guard Invidia Phase Selector Vertical Distribution Boards.

A distribution board acts as the main supply system in your home or commercial space. It is also called an electric panel or panel board. Your requirements dictate the kind of distribution board you would need. But, you should always choose one that offers both reliable electric supply and electrical safety. Let’s uncover the meaning behind some technical terms to help you make an informed choice.

Phase Selector Distribution Board: Phase selector distribution boards are a type of TPN distribution board. TPN stands for ‘three phase and neutral’ (meaning the circuit has a three phase input, with several single phase outputs). A phase selector distribution board is equipped with three rotary switches each connected to one of the three incoming phases. This allows each single phase load to be distributed over the three outgoing phase connections. This kind of set-up helps to prevent the problem of phase cuts.

Range & Ratings: V-Guard Invidia Phase Selector Distribution Boards are available in 4-Way, 6-Way, and 8-Way options. You can also choose between 40A (40 Amp) or 63A (63 Amp) variants based on your expected electrical requirements. 

Vertical Distribution Board: This refers to the orientation of the board. While some distribution boards are horizontal, these panels are vertical.

V-Guard continues to set the bar high when it comes to being one of India’s most trusted distribution board brands. The range of V-Guard Invidia Phase Selector Vertical Distribution Boards is a testament to our penchant for quality, reliability, durability, convenience and safety. 

These distribution boards are equipped with double doors that allow you to complete any rewiring work in the future without removing the front frame or door assembly. They also boast optimized box depth that ensures greater accessibility. Both the top and bottom gland plates (that house openings for cables) can be fully removed, adding an extra dash of convenience.

Each of these sturdy and durable distribution boards is made of CRCA steel that promises a tough exterior and smooth surface finish that looks and feels premium. With a powder coated body, zinc and iron coated screws, and nickel-plated and insulated busbars, every distribution board boasts of excellent quality and a long life.  You even have the freedom to mount them flush with the wall or against the wall surface, based on your preference. Available in a luxurious white hue and designed to look great with every kind of decor, a V-Guard Invidia Phase Selector Vertical Distribution Board is the perfect electrical panel for your home or commercial space.


  • Stylish design to complement your decor
  • Optimized box depth for greater accessibility
  • Rugged and durable rotary switches 

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