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  • PRIME 1150

PRIME 1150

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A heavy-duty inverter with the best-in-class performance. Equipped with advanced features such as battery topping reminder and battery gravity builder to keep your battery healthy, it also comes with a high-performance selection switch to extract more out of your inverter when required.

Power outages will stop being a reason for interruptions with V-Guard’s Prime 1150. Equipped with digital sine-wave technology, Prime 1150 is a heavy-duty inverter from the house of V-Guard promising the best-in-class performance.

Its high-performance selection switch lets you extract more out of your inverter as you can change the power output anytime. With this, you can run appliances with longer backup based on your requirements.

This product comes with a battery gravity builder feature that aids in keeping the battery healthy and ensuring longer backup. It is also equipped with a Battery Water Topping Reminder feature that timely reminds you to top up the distilled water in the battery. This helps avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary hassles when the power gets cut. Further, it increases the longevity of the battery and ensure consistent performance.

V-Guard Prime 1150 can support LED TV (up to 55), Fan, EESL LED bulbs, CFL, tube Light, Inverter Refrigerator (up to 320 L), Mixer (up to 600 W), Room Cooler (up to 200 W), Soundbar / Speaker system (up to 500 W Sound Output), 0.5HP Self Prime Pump, Kitchen Chimney (up to 1000 m3 per hour), Printer (All in one Inkjet (Deskjet)), Laptop, Domestic Exhaust Fans, Iron Box (up to 750W), RO Water Purifier, Air Purifier, Laminator (up to 600W).


  • Capacity of 1000 VA/800 W
  • Short Circuit Protection & Surge Protection
  • Visual and Audio Indicators - The graphical LED display icons on the front panel indicate battery water topping reminder, mains mode, battery charging, low back-up alert, overload, short circuit, etc. The audio indicators indicate battery water topping, overload, short circuit, low battery back-up level, reset breaker trip, changeover, etc.
  • High Performance Selection Switch
  • Dual Mode Operation - You can switch your Prime 1150 to either UPS mode for computer loads or Normal mode for Domestic Appliances.
  • Compatible with 12 V, 80 Ah to 230 Ah lead acid battery
  • Pure sine-wave technology - For high quality and optimum power output, Less power consumption, Smooth low noise operation and Increased life span of connected appliances.
  • Battery water topping reminder
  • Battery Gravity Builder for healthier batter and ensuring longer backup
  • Mute Buzzer Option - You can mute your inverter, and never again worry about incessant alerts during power back up and restoration.
  • Protection against short circuit, surges, discharges and over temperature
  • Battery recharge time of 10-12 hours depending on battery capacity and charging selection

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