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  • Shovair S

Shovair S

The V-Guard Shovair S Exhaust Fan draws out odour from your home to let you breathe easy. It features a high quality metal body and blades that provide optimum performance. Plus, with three sharp blades this exhaust fan distributes air uniformly. You can conveniently install this exhaust fan in your kitchen, bathroom or toilet to keep unpleasant odours at the bay. It will also keep your home smelling clean when you have unexpected guests at home. The V-Guard Shovair S Exhaust Fan is an excellent addition to your home. Unlike the other noisy exhaust fans, this one boasts of a sound free operation that will not disturb you and your family. So, you comfortably install one wherever required in your home. It regulates the fresh air in your home and keeps it just the way you want. So wouldn't you want to go for this one?


  • Light Duty Exhaust fan
  • High performance blades
  • Available in misty grey colour
  • Metallic finish strong metal body
  • Suitable for domestic applications


Sweep Rated Power Rated Air Delivery Rated Speed
225 mm 40 W 600 m3/Hr 1350 RPM
300 mm 50 W 1050 m3/Hr 1350 RPM

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