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  • X10



Rediscover the joy of cooking by bringing home V-Guard’s all new X10 chimney. Packed with some of the most advanced technologies like intelligent auto-clean, filter-less operation and motion sensor controls, this all-powerful machine comes in an aerodynamically designed body with black satin finish, that adds elegance to any modern kitchen while keeping it free from fumes and smoke.

Engineered to increase your comfort, save cleaning hassles, and bring down maintenance costs, V-Guard X10 is the ideal cooking appliance for your dream kitchen. While it’s filter-less technology provides a direct path for smoke and fumes to escape, relieving you from the hassle of regular cleaning, its intelligent (self-start) auto-clean technology commences an automatic cleaning of rotor/housing on its own after every 30 working hours, so you do not have to worry about remembering to turn on the auto-clean function manually. This along with the plastic sealed motor significantly reduces the need of frequent servicing, ensuring uncompromised performance and enhanced longevity.

Validated by Indian-Government certified labs, its mighty 1500 m³/h suction capacity can effectively remove smoke and fumes. It is powered by a 210 W motor with copper alloy windings and comes with a 4-speed setting to accommodate different cooking styles ranging from mild boiling to heavy grilling and deep frying. The V-Guard X10 features advanced motion sensors and feather touch controls, providing you the luxury to operate either with hand gestures or slight touch of your fingers. Equipped with energy-efficient LED strip, it also enhances the visibility in the kitchen by brightening up the cooking area.

Built using high quality material, V-Guard X10 is designed to last long. With Pan India on demand service, you are assured a hassle-free installation of this superior performing chimney. The V-Guard X10 additionally comes with a free demonstration by a qualified technician, so getting to know your cooking appliance is simple, fun, and easy.

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  • Elegant looks with powerful suction– with a premium curved glass and black satin finish this elegant kitchen chimney adds grace to the kitchen; while it's powerful suction of 1500 m³/h is validated by Indian-government certified labs.
  • Designed for Indian cooking with 4 different speed setting – 4 speed setting allows to set the suction power according to different cooking requirement ranging from mild boiling to deep frying and heavy grilling.
  • Motion sensor & feather touch control– easy to operate with simple hand gestures or just slight touch of your finger. Smoothly adjustable four-speed setting according to your cooking style.
  • High-quality material & built-to-last construction- its rust-resistant body keeps it looking new for years. A heat resistant toughened glass enhances its durability. The motor is plastic sealed and is oil & water repellent which ensures lower noise, safety from fire and electric shocks and longer lasting performance.
  • PAN India Installation and Product Demonstration by V-Guard Authorized Technicians can be availed for INR 600+GST; Ducting Kit can be purchased at INR 1200 Warranty of 1 Year on Product and 6 Years on Motor.
  • Aerodynamically designed body with wide suction chamber – aerodynamically designed body and wide suction chamber easily covers 60 - 65 cm wide cooking area i.e. 2 to 4 burners stove.
  • Filterless technology saves the hassle of frequent cleaning & maintenance – a state of the art filter-less technology saves you the hassle of frequent cleaning of filter and provides a clear pathway for smoke and fumes to escape. It delivers a powerful, effective, and consistent suction for extended periods without unnecessary maintenance.
  • Intelligent thermal auto-clean with an oil collector tray - an auto-clean function commences an automatic cleaning cycle on its own after every working 30 hours. This regularly cleans the motor, fan and housing automatically, so you do not have to worry about remembering to turn on the auto-clean function manually. Additionally, a detachable oil-collector tray collects and prevents oil drips onto the cooking surface. With a clear plastic window, it is easy to see when the tray is full.
  • Energy efficient 1.5 W led strip – comfortably brightens up the entire cooking area for enhanced visibility. Now you can enjoy night cooking at your convenience.


Model Finish Suction Capacity Filter Type Control Type Suction Chamber Width Lighting Oil Collector Cup/Tray Warranty True Auto Clean Number of Speed Settings
X10Black1200 m³/hFilter-lessMotion Sensor and Touch Controls60 cm1 LED STRIP (1.5 W)Oil Collector Tray1-year product warranty and 6-year motor warrantyYES4

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