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  • Valco Series

Valco Series

When it comes to buying high-quality electric water heaters, V-Guard offers a great range of vertically-mounted water heaters to match every requirement and budget. One such option is the V-Guard Valco series that includes electric water heaters with storage capacities of 6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L.

This series of storage electric water heaters come with a 2-year product warranty, 2-year heating element warranty and a 7-year inner tank warranty. V-Guard is able to provide such generous warranties because every component of the water heater is made with high-quality and durability-enhancing materials. Take the inner tank - its steel body is glass-lined to prevent corrosion, ensuring a very long life. Meanwhile, it has a long-lasting plastic end cover and an outer cover made of galvanized iron which is known to be excellent at preventing corrosion. Further, a sacrificial anode also helps to keep corrosion at bay.

Apart from durability, the V-Guard Valco Electric Water Heaters also provide great ease of use and safety. A convenient adjustment knob ensures you have full control over the water temperature, while a multifunctional safety valve goes a long way towards keeping you safe and worry-free. Talking about using your water heater without any worries, the Valco Series of electric water heaters is compatible to be used in multistory buildings without any problems and can withstand water pressures of up to 0.8 MPa. It also boasts of PUF insulation which reduces power consumption by conserving heat. In fact, V-Guard Valco Water Heaters are so energy-efficient that they are rated 5-star by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), the gold standard of energy efficiency in the country.


  • BEE 5-star rating for energy-efficient technology
  • High-quality steel inner tank with glass-lined AC (anti-corrosion) coating for long life
  • PUF insulation to minimize heat loss and reduce power consumption
  • Sacrificial anode for extended life span
  • 2-year product warranty, 2-year heating element warranty & 7-year inner tank warranty
  • Durable and high-quality pre-painted galvanized iron sheet outer cover & plastic end cover
  • Adjustment knob for convenient temperature setting
  • Multistoried building usage compatibility with 0.8 MPa (8 kg/cm2) pressure withstanding capacity
  • Multifunctional safety valve


Capacity Model Name Power in Watts Star rating Body Dia (in cm) Body Height (in cm) Version of mounting Working pressure in MPa (Max)
6 LitreValco 620005 Star30.133.6Vertical0.8 MPa (8 kg/cm2)
10 LitreValco 1020005 Star30.143.2Vertical0.8 MPa (8 kg/cm2)
15 LitreValco 1520005 Star32.150.1Vertical0.8 MPa (8 kg/cm2)
25 LitreValco 2520005 Star38.153.3Vertical0.8 MPa (8 kg/cm2)

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