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  • WINDZY D50 H


Is the hot weather bothering you? Does high temperature from outside increase your temper? Then it’s time for you to meet V-Guard’s WINDZY D50 H Air Cooler. WINDZY D50 H contains ice chambers that can give you an enhanced cooling effect. The aerodynamically balanced body promises superior stability, so when it comes to safety you don’t need to worry about the cooler falling over while changing its place. The Antifungal Cellulose Honeycomb Cooling Pads transform the outside hot air into comforting cool air which gives you uninterrupted cooling even when there is a blazing sun outside.  Apart from these features, the 4-way air deflection will give you effective cooling throughout the room, this way you don’t have to stick around in a specific area in your home to get a cooling experience. Also, the V-Guard WINDZY D50 H Air Cooler has 3 speed levels, so you can control the speed according to your wish. The WINDZY D50 H is inverter compatible and since it has a wide voltage working range from 160V to 270V, it works smoothly even when there are voltage fluctuations. These qualities make the WINDZY D50 H Air Cooler the best in its class.

There’s more, the unidrip flow of water distribution prevents the wastage of water and the Air Cooler also assures a 2-year warranty for the motor and pump along with enhanced protection. Why wait? Get ready to experience a ‘cool summer’ with V-Guard WINDZY D50 H.


  • Ice chamber that provides quick and enhanced cooling.
  • The Aerodynamically balanced body ensures superior stability.
  • Best-in-class air delivery.
  • The corrosion-resistant fan delivers long-lasting performance.
  • Ensures uninterrupted cooling during voltage fluctuations, by providing a wide voltage working range of 160V to 270V.
  • Gives you the precise amount of cooling with 3 speed levels.
  • The auto-fill float valve offers uninterrupted water supply
  • Antifungal cellulose honeycomb cooling pads offer a better cooling experience.
  • 2-year warranty for motor and pump.
  • Offers enhanced protection for the main motor & pump.
  • Unidrip flow water distribution prevents wastage of water.
  • Tetra airflow cooling feature provides efficient air circulation.
  • The four-way air deflection gives you even cooling all across the room.


Tank Capacity Air Delivery Air Throw Distance
50 L4200 m³/h14.6 m

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