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  • Victo Series

Victo Series

Designed for people who appreciates the value of a great product that combines efficiency with beauty, the Victo series is an ideal product that comes with high-end powder-coated Mild Steel and an ABS end cover. Equipped with high-quality PUF insulation that helps to minimize heat and power consumption, this product is equipped with an Analogue Temperature Indicator and additional safety devices. The product boasts of an inner tank manufactured using high quality steel and also holds within an Incoloy 840 heating element. The Victo Series is ideal for use in multistoreyed buildings and withstands pressure up to 8kg/cm².


  • Outer cover made of high quality Powder-coated Mild Steel & ABS end cover.
  • Inner tank made of high quality steel with glass-lined AC coating
  • High quality Incoloy 840 heating element
  • Capillary thermostat for external temperature control
  • Analogue temperature indicator
  • Multifunction valve
  • PUF insulation to minimize heat loss and reduce power consumption
  • Suitable for multi-storied buildings and can withstand pressure up to 8kg/cm²
  • 5-Star rated from BEE for its Energy saving technology
  • Sacrificial anode for extended life span
  • Safety devices
  • Victo series comes with 2 year product warranty,3 years for heating element and 5 years warranty for inner tank


Capacity Model Name Rating In Watts Star rating Body Dia (in cm) Body Height (in cm) Version of mounting Working pressure in Kg/cm² (Max)
15 LtrVicto 1520005 Star3451.5V8
25 LtrVicto 2520005 Star38.558.5V8

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