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  • VMT 500 Plus

VMT 500 Plus

The VMT 500 Plus from V-Guard is a mainline stabilizer, and is used in the input power line to ensure that the voltage is stabilized and does not pass low/high voltages to the connected loads. VMT 500 Plus is equipped with a range of excellent technical features like a wide input range, under/over voltage protection, thermal overload protection, micro-controller based fail-safe circuit protection, safe start, digital display, etc. The VMT 500 Plus is rated for loads up to 15A.

Wide Input Range

The VMT 500 Plus operates over a wide input operating voltage range of 110-500V, thus making it effective for use under unusual voltage conditions.

Under/Over Voltage Protection

Electrical devices are designed to operate at a certain standard voltage in order for the product to achieve its specified level of performance, efficiency, safety and reliability. Operating an electrical device above or below the specified voltage range can lead to serious problems. The VMT 500 Plus features a low/high voltage protection function which protects the connected appliances from these types of failures.

Digital Display

A seven-segment digital display indicates the present status of the stabilizer – the input voltage, output voltage, protection mode enabled like Low Voltage, High Voltage or Overload cutoff, etc. This helps the user understand the operating status of the stabilizer easily and to be reassured that the connected load, like an AC, is working in a safe voltage range.

Thermal Overload Protection

Under certain conditions, like a short-circuit for example, a component in any of the connected appliances may cause excessive current to be drawn through the stabilizer. A thermal sensor in the stabilizer senses this overload condition and immediately disconnects the load to protect both the appliance and the stabilizer itself from further damage.

Microcontroller Based Fail-safe Protection

The highly efficient micro-controller in the VMT 500 Plus ensures that voltage correction is right at the start, between the source of the main supply and the distribution point, which is therefore far more effective, ensuring enhanced life of the connected appliances.

Safe Start

A unique Initial Time Delay function is built into the VMT 500 Plus which delays the output by 4 to 6 seconds when the stabilizer is switched on or during frequent restarts, thus providing added safety for the connected appliances.

The VMT 500 Plus comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Performs in wide input range
  • Digital display
  • . Safe start
  • Under/ over voltage protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • 2-Year warranty


Model Capacity Working Range (Input) Cabinet Material Application Warranty Time Delay
VMT 500 Plus15 Ampere110V – 500VMetalMainline2 Year4 – 6 sec initial time delay

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