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  • Voltino Grand Digi Plus TV Stabilizer

Voltino Grand Digi Plus TV Stabilizer

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Voltino Grand Digi Plus TV Stabilizer enhances the life of your television and entertainment devices, ensuring you seamless access to your favourite music and TV shows. Designed to provide advanced protection to Smart TVs up to 203 cm (80) from undesirable voltage fluctuations and surges, it can additionally support your set-top box as well as your home theatre system/gaming console.

Its hosts of built-in safety features provide multiple layers of safety to the connected appliances. The thermal sensor function can sense excessive current consumption and disconnect the power load, preventing device burnouts, while the metal oxide varistor protects from unwanted voltage spikes. Equipped with an Initial Time Delay System, Voltino Grand Digi Plus delays the output by 5-8 s when switched on or during frequent restarts, providing added safety to the connected equipment.

Even a small voltage variation may harm the sensitive components of your expensive gadgets. Therefore, Voltino Grand Digi Plus comes equipped with advanced microcontroller-based design circuitry that corrects the voltage at a much quicker and accurate level than the conventional or IC circuitry, thus ensuring a highly reliable and regulated output voltage supply. It also enhances the reliability and durability of the stabilizer. With a wide input range of 90-290 V and a capacity of 4 A, V-Guard Voltino Grand Digi Plus offers a boosting of 40 V and a bucking of 48 V.

Packed in a premium-looking black ABS cabinet that is easy to wall-mount, Voltino Grand Digi Plus blends in elegantly with your gorgeous TV and those beautiful wall interiors. The user-friendly digital display adds much-needed convenience allowing you to monitor the input and output voltage with ease. What’s more, it also comes with a touch sensor that helps adjust the brightness of the digital indicators.


  • Compatible With One Smart TV Up To 203 Cm (80) + Set Top Box + Home Theatre/Gaming Console: Voltino Grand Digi Plus TV Stabilizer Protects Smart TVs Up To 203 Cm (80) Along With A Set Top Box And Home Theatre/Gaming Console From Undesirable Voltage Fluctuations And Surges, And Frequent Power Cuts.
  • Digital Micro-Controlled Operation: Its Advanced Micro-Controller Based Design Circuitry Corrects The Input Voltage Much Faster And More Accurately Than Conventional Circuitry.
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Voltino Grand Digi Plus Gives An All-Round Appliance Protection By Cutting Off The Output When The Temperature Inside The Stabilizer Rises Due To Overload Or Due To Any Damages In The Connected Equipment, Thereby Eliminating Any Chances Of Appliance Burnout.
  • Initial Time Delay System: The Initial Time Delay Function Delays The Output By 5-8 S When Switched-On Or During Frequent Restarts, Which Ensures Added Safety Of The Connected Equipment.
  • Premium Looking Wall Mounting ABS Cabinet: It Sports An Attractive Matte Black Cabinet That Can Perfectly Blend In With Your Interiors.
  • Wide Working Range: Voltino Grand Digi Plus Has A Capacity Of 4 A With A Wide Working Range Of 90-290 V Making It Suitable For Extremely Low/High Voltage Fluctuation Regions.
  • Smart Input Voltage Correction: Regulates The Output Voltage According To The Variations In The Input Voltage To Deliver Optimum Performance And Ensure Safe Functioning Of Connected Devices.
  • Effective Spike Protection: Metal Oxide Varistor Present In This Model Safeguard Against Unwanted Voltage Spikes.
  • Dual Digital Display With Touch Sensor: Advanced Digital Display Helps You In Monitoring The Input-Output Voltage With Much Ease. It Also Features A Touch Sensor That Lets You Control The Brightness Of The Display.


Model Capacity Working Range (Input) Cabinet Material Application Warranty Time Delay
Voltino Grand Digi Plus4 A90-290 VABSUp to 203 cm (80) Smart TV + Set Top Box + Home Theatre/Gaming Console2 Year Product Warranty5-8 s

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