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Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage Stabilizer

A leader in its segment for decades. Safeguarding household appliances from voltage fluctuations with its...

Wiring Cable

Wiring Cables

Safety and quality you can depend on. Conforming to the highest standards.

Pumps and Motors

Pumps & Motors

High power using energy saving technology. Dependable member of homes and industry.


Water heater

Technology and economy combine in range of stylish Geysers.

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

Concern for the planet through efficient use of technology.



Sleek, elegant looks, efficient cooling, longer life and consistent performance.



Ensures hassle free performance and seamless operations with its advanced features

Power & Control Cables

Power and control cables

Reliable protection and high levels of conductivity. Protection against electrical hazards.

Digital UPS

Digital UPS, Inverter, Battery & Solar Power System

Let your happy moments be uninterrupted

Switchgears & DBs

Switchgears & DBs

The dependable lifeline for your home. Say goodbye to electric shocks.

Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker

Energy efficient with multiple cooking modes and feather/soft touch controls.


Mixer Grinder

Grinds down anything, even electricity bills.