In less than four decades V-Guard has earned itself a reputation for solidity for designing and manufacturing products that redefine quality of life every day. We are constantly seeking to understand human life and its relationship with the tools and appliances that he uses. And then to evolve a seamless experience with thoughtfully engineered products in our quest to enriching consumer lives.

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    Brand Phylosophy


      The origin dates back to 1977, when Mr. Kochouseph Chittilappilly with a burning passion to make a difference set out to build a robust brand in the Indian electric and electronic goods panorama.


      Our innovative and thoughtfully engineered products have helped us reach greater heights. Let’s retrace the map to see the highlights of our journey so far.



    Whatever contributes to your happiness, we make sure it's up and running all the time. And with our range of intelligent DUPS, Inverters and Inverter Batteries we ensure that your life's valuable movents are caputred, uninterrupted.

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    • DU 875 Pro+Happiness delivered, uninterrupted

      Stay wired and protected with ultra-modern V-Guard DU 875 Pro+ which runs on high frequency switching design and provides a soft start to an unpredictably awesome performance. V-Guard DU 875 Pro+ has SMPS based Smart Charger for quick turnouts.

    • DU 850 Synergy/StandardForget electricity woes

      The DU 850 Synergy/Standard will dramatically reduce your electricity bill and ensure that they discharge battery to the load and then charge battery again from Sun's light to be discharged further.

  • You Are In Safe Hands.

    We take pride knowing that you are in safe hands. Our best in class stabilizers will ensure that your appliances stay protected and that nothing comes in betweeen you and your happy moments.

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    Voltage stablizer

    • Crystal PlusThe Hero that saves the day

      No matter who has the remote control today, V-Guard Digital Stabilizers will never let your mood go down. Your smile for the mere glimpse of your favourite superstar on your latest LCD/LED/ 3D TV will stay intact.

    • VG 50The coolest stabilizer

      Melt love, not the delicious ice cream your grandma just made for you to gulp scoop by scoop. Keep the summer sun at bay with this stabilizer's auto cut-off feature, that lets your refrigerator work without the risk of hampering any of its components during power overload.

  • Rejuvenate Your Senses.

    Rise up to its embrace on a chilly winter morning or pamper your skin with a hot invigorating bath with a beautiful innovation from V-Guard. It's a touch of warmth to rejuvenate you for the better things in life.

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    Water Heaters

    • V-Guard PebbleInnovation at its aesthetic best

      Bathrooms should be beautiful personal spaces for you to relax. Whatever accompanies you there, should be ergonomically & aesthetically designed so that it functions just the way you want it to. Welcome the hot new model from the V-Guard Water Heaters range i.e. the amazing Pebble.

    • V-Hot SeriesA warm embrace

      Ensure hot water for all seasons with V-Hot Series of Solar Water Heaters from V-Guard. This wide array of water heaters help cut down your electricity bills and are suitable for a broad range of applications - from homes, hotels to commercial applications.

  • It's a breath of fresh air.

    The swirl of joy.

    Sit back and relax while we twirl and weave magic in your surroundings. With an energy efficient and exquisitely designed range of fans, we'll sliently fan off your worries.

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    • VGL BlackA stylish one for your room

      Move the air within the room, and keep your cool with this beautiful ceiling fan. This ceiling fan adds style and function to your coveted area in the house while maintaining a comfortable temperature as well as using energy efficiently.

    • Finesta TFStay Cool this summer

      Enjoy cool breeze this summer with the V-Guard Finesta TF 55 watt table fan. It helps to keep you calm, cool and relaxed in a sweltering season. The jerk free and uniform oscillation feature of the table fan will allow you to have cool air anywhere you want.

  • Stirring Stories of Love,

    Begin Here.

    Awaken to a place where your heart was first captivated by the tastes and aromas of life. Recapture those indelible memories of home, served with generous helping of warmth.

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    Kitchen Applicances

    • VIC 2000An elegant beauty for your kitchen

      Your majesty is an elegant induction cook top from the house of V-Guard which is your ideal kitchen companion. Now prepare those delectable treats for your family in style, thanks to a tastefully designed cooking device.


      Save yourself from the rising gas prices, sprinkle some convenience into the process of cooking and enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen.



    Our products are a reflection of our motto i.e. more power to you always! With our range of intelligently engineered and energy Pumps and Motors, we ensure that you remain in power, always.

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    • VSP SeriesPump up your power

      It was once said that great things come in small packages. When you meet these Pressure Booster Pumps from V-Guard for the first time, you’ll certainly agree. They are created with compactness and modularity as their central features.

    • VCSW SeriesDrive your worries down

      VCSW Series of shallow well pumps come with an aluminium motor-body and are extremely compact and light weight. These pumps are built with high quality alloy steel ensuring longer life.