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  • Ei Power 1500

Ei Power 1500

The Ei Power 1500 from the house of V-Guard is a highly reliable home UPS, ideal to provide extra-long back-up for personal computers and also ensure 100% safety for all your power sensitive equipments. It charges battery faster and saves battery from going into deep discharge; which is injurious to the health of battery. However, the V-Guard Ei Power 1500 not only exceeds in performance, but also stands out with its superb space saving design. Its intelligent audio & visual indications add to both its utility and microcontroller based digitally controlled operation adds to its user friendliness. Best suited for high power-cut areas, the product also features safety from battery over charge and short circuit. A breakthrough in this range of products, the V-Guard Ei Power 1500 has been specifically designed for modern setups as it can efficiently manage 4 computers with 43cm colour monitor, one inkjet printer and one scanner. Its metal cabinet with ABS front panel looks great and it features a longer battery life, has a circuit program to protect your expensive electrical appliances and strikes an unmatched balance between the use of your products and electricity. So, use this quick charging appliance with your favourite appliances for a seamless power backup experience.


  • Microcontroller based digitally controlled operation
  • Pseudo sine wave output
  • Intelligent audio & visual indications
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Battery over charge & deep discharge protection
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection
  • Space saving design
  • Soft Start facility
  • Generator compatibility
  • SCR based smart charger
  • Quick battery charging mode