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  • Ei Power 900 Pro

Ei Power 900 Pro

What do you expect in an efficient power management system for your electronic devices? A space saving design, intelligent audio & visual indications and a user friendly operation. For the same, V-Guard brings to you the Ei Power 900 Pro. This product includes an intelligent thermal management system that protects it from over-heating and maximises the performance of this wonderful power management device for your system. It can efficiently handle two computers with 43cm colour monitor, one inkjet printer and one scanner and with the intelligent management of voltage, it will keep them running smoothly for a long time. It also sports a TRIAC based smart charger and efficient battery over charge & deep discharge protection that helps the battery stay safe and live longer. The V-Guard Ei Power 900 Pro also provides smart recovery from overloads to keep your computer system running smoothly. It also has a simple, easy and quick battery recharging mode for a seamless performance. So just buy the V-Guard Ei Power 900 Pro and keep your data safe. Give your hardware the protection it deserves during power outage and spikes. Now, it will be possible for you to function smoothly as your workstation will enjoy a smooth flow of electricity without any interruptions.


  • Microcontroller based digitally controlled operation
  • Pseudo sine wave output
  • Intelligent audio & visual indications
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Battery over charge & deep discharge protection
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection
  • Space saving design
  • Soft start facility
  • Generator compatibility
  • TRIAC based smart charger
  • Quick battery charging mode