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Have you seen interior designers cringe at the very mention of the term ‘ceiling fan’? Majority of the designers despise them for a reason as they stand as an odd one out in an otherwise thoughtfully designed room. They believe that ceiling fans (at least the usual ones) severely compromise the aesthetics of a room and act somewhat as a sour spot. But don’t worry, you won’t have to side with them as we present to you, the new range of V-Guard Fans that not only chills you down but also wave off your worry of having to do with a not so good looking ceiling fan. There are hardly a dozen fans out there that any designer would be comfortable living with but the Finesta has been a favorite. This fan will add a boost of style to your space. The Finesta is available in Bright Maroon Sandal Colour, Delight Brown Sandal Colour, Palm Green Sandal Colour and Pearl White Black Colour with aerodynamically designed aluminium blades. Bring modern style into your home while making sure that the product you are choosing uses energy efficiently. Choose the Finesta, a contemporary ceiling fan from the house of V-Guard.


  • Unique and dazzling new colour combinations
  • High angled wider blades with unique ornaments
  • Available in 1200mm sweep size
  • Higher air delivery
  • Powerful "14" Pole Motor gives unmatched performance
  • Available colours: Palm green sandal, Delight brown sandal, Bright maroon sandal & Pearl white black


Sweep Rated power Rated air delivery Rated Speed
1200 mm75 W230 m3/min340 RPM