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  • VT 100 Deluxe

VT 100 Deluxe

VT 100 Deluxe battery, manufactured by V-Guard, is the perfect companion for the VT Digital UPS from V-Guard. These batteries are also effectively used in other UPS. Depending upon the connected load, the VT100 DLX battery offers a back up of one hour thirty minutes to fifty four hours. The capacity of these batteries is 100AH C20 at 27 degree C. These batteries have a low rate of self discharge and have an excellent cycle life. They are designed in such a way to offer superior resistance against corrosion. The PPCP Container of these batteries is robust and highly aesthetic. These batteries use heavy duty plates which ensure longer service life and greater reliability. The VT100 DLX has a length of 503mm, a width of 188mm and height of 360mm. While these batteries weigh 25Kg in dry, the filled weight is 48Kg. The acid requirement for this battery is 19litres, which is accurate within 2litres. There is a standard warranty of 24 months on these batteries from V-Guard, or a pro-rated warranty of 12 months. These are low maintenance batteries perfectly suited for the demands of home UPS. The VT100 Deluxe batteries require less topping up from the date of sale.


  • Capacity 100AH C20@27°C
  • Back-up time: 1 hour 30 min to 54 hours
  • Application Digital UPS / UPS / etc


Dimensions of Battery Length Width Height Weight of Battery Dry weight Filled weight Gross weight Acid Volume(± 2 Ltrs.) Specific gravity of Electrolyte at Full charge Multi-coloured Carton Spec of carton Standard warranty Pro-Rated warrant
mm ± 3 mm503 mm188 mm360 mmkg ± 525 Kg48 Kg50 Kg19 Litres1.245 ± 0.005lYes530mm x 215mm x 450 mm (L x B x H)24 months12 months