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  • VT 150

VT 150

VT 150 batteries, manufactured by V-Guard, are very efficiently used in V-Guard Digital UPS to provide continuous supply of power in a home. Moreover, the VT150 batteries work well with other UPS. The back up offered by these batteries varies from two hour fifteen minutes to fifty four hours, depending upon the connected load. The length of these batteries is 503mm and the width is 188mm, while the height is 417mm. The dry weight of these batteries is 37Kg, while the filled weight is 62Kg and the gross weight are 64Kg. These batteries require 20litres of acid give or take two litres. After full charge, the specific gravity of electrolyte in these batteries becomes 1.245 Sp. Gr. These batteries are covered by V-Guard under the standard warranty of 36 months, while there is the option of prorated warranty of 18 months. These low maintenance batteries require less topping up from the date of sales. Moreover, they provide up to 40% extra backup. With the battery spines and grids cast with innovative alloy, and with the use of thick and modified plates inside the batteries, long and reliable service is ensured. The batteries are also designed to be highly resistant against corrosion.


  • Capacity 150AH C20@27°C
  • Back-up time: 2 hour 15 minutes to 54 hours
  • Application Digital UPS / UPS / etc


Dimensions of Battery Length Width Height Weight of Battery Dry weight Filled weight Gross weight Acid Volume(± 2 Ltrs.) Specific gravity of Electrolyte at Full charge Multi-coloured Carton Spec of carton Standard warranty Pro-Rated warrant
± 3 mm503 mm188 mm417 mmkg ± 537 Kg62 Kg64 Kg20Ltrs1.245 ± 0.005Yes530mm x 215mm x 500mm (L x B x H)36 months18 months