• VT 80

VT 80

Buying inverter batteries is a tiring and time consuming task. This is so, because of the fact that you have to compare several batteries in several stores before finalising the right one. This results in wastage of time and additional costs. Most of us lead a very busy life these days where finding time for tasks like these is very difficult. V-Guard offers a wide range of very low maintenance batteries which are designed for demanding home UPS applications has the distinctive advantage of requiring less topping up from the date of use. The spines & grids of the VT 80 are cast with innovative alloy and its thick, modified plates ensure long life & greater reliability. They’re made to safeguard your happy moments by providing you the best possible back up in most of the times. They are the perfect match for your V-Guard DUPSes. The VT 80 provides consistent performance under different climatic conditions and is up for a quick charge acceptance always. Aesthetically designed to suit your homes, offices and business centres, the VT 80 would never disappoint you. With a range of inverter batteries to suit varying needs and applications of end users, the V-Guard VT80 is a perfect solution so that you are never at a loss for power.


  • Capacity 80AH C20@27°C
  • Back-up time: 1 hour 5 minutes to 54 hours
  • Application Digital UPS / UPS / etc


Dimensions of Battery Length Width Height Weight of Battery Dry weight Filled weight Gross weight Acid Volume(± 2 Ltrs.) Specific gravity of Electrolyte at Full charge Multi-coloured Carton Spec of carton Standard warranty Pro-Rated warrant
mm ± 3mm510 mm210 mm250 mmkg ± 523 Kg36 Kg38 Kg12Ltrs1.245 ± 0.005Yes535mm x 230mm x 320mm (L x B x H)18 months12 months