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  • AG 553 Plus

AG 553 Plus


The V-Guard AG 553 Plus Mixer Grinder that comes with three high-grade Stainless steel jars is capable of performing numerous tasks such as pureeing, mixing, grinding, and mincing. There is a 1.5 L Wet Grinding Jar along with a 1.2 L Dry Grinding Jar and a 0.4 L Chutney Jar that gives this mixer a multifunctional capability.

550 W High-Torque Motor for Precise Grinding
A 550 W Motor and a powerful torque make the AG 553 Plus ideal for easy and faster grinding. What makes this mixer grinder stand out is the motor’s superior quality Class-F insulation that has the capability to withstand temperatures of up to 150 ℃, thereby protecting it from adverse conditions, which in turn ensures long life. 

Uninterrupted operations to keep your kitchen functioning
The V-Guard AG 553 Plus is an ideal companion for your grinding needs even when facing low-voltage or power failure issues, thanks to the inverter supplied power. No more worries now about preparing your special dish.

Stainless Steel, Rust-Proof Jars for Effective Grinding
One of the most important aspects of any quality grinder is the jars used to grind ingredients. On the AG 553 Plus, you get durable & high-grade Stainless Steel jars that are also rust-proof and strong.

Unbreakable and Transparent Polycarbonate Lid
The strong and rust-proof jars come with unbreakable Polycarbonate lids. This means that the lids give the jars additional strength, while its transparent feature allows you to view the contents inside.

Multiple Speed Options
With a rotating speed of 20,000 Revolutions per Minute (RPM), the motor on the V-Guard AG 553 Plus is effective even with heavy loads. It also offers three speed options and one whip option to choose as per your requirements.

Overload protection
Overloading is an issue that frequently occurs with mixer grinders. However, for the AG 553 Plus mixer grinder, an overload protector is incorporated into the main unit. In case of an overloading incident, you will find a reset button at the bottom of the motor unit to reset your AG 553 Plus mixer grinder.

Uniform etched flow breakers in the jars for grinding efficiency
The AG 553 Plus mixer grinder comes with flow breakers within the jars. These flow breakers break the flow of the items inside the jar, ensuring that grinding is uniform by guiding the denser particles towards the blades. This feature is beneficial for all types of grinding. These flow breakers also lend more stability to the jars.

Ergonomically Designed Jar Handles
The jars on the AG 553 Plus mixer grinder come with ergonomically designed handles for a firm grip and easy handling.

Vacuum Feet for Extra Stability
The feet of AG 553 Plus are equipped with vacuum footprints to ensure better stability of the mixer grinder while it's at work.

Uniquely designed blades for effective grinding
The Stainless steel blades of the AG 553 Plus ensure durability. The two-leaf blades are best for dry/ chutney grinding, while the six-leaf blades are perfect for wet grinding. These blades have a unique design that ensures uniformity in grinding, and they can also be effortlessly removed for cleaning and switching.


  • 550 W High-Torque Motor for Enhanced Performance Even During Low-Voltage Supply
  • Overload Protection
  • 3 Speed Option and 1 Whip Option
  • Special Grade Stainless Steel Multi-Function Jars 
  • Superior and Durable Poly Ketone Couplers
  • 2 Year Product and 2 Year Motor Warranty
  • Specialized Blades for Precise Dry and Wet Grinding
  • Inverter Compatible
  • Active Flow Breaker Technology for Efficient Performance
  • Easy to Clean Wide Mouth Jars with Anti-Skid base and Shock Proof ABS Body
  • Pan India Service – On-Site Service on Demand

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