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  • VF 135

VF 135

VF 135 batteries, manufactured by V-Guard, are the fitting batteries to meet the requirement of a demanding home UPS such as V-Guard Digital UPS. These are low maintenance batteries, designed to provide up to 40% extra backup. These batteries use positive and negative grids casted out of innovative alloy. To ensure long and reliable service, these batteries have thick and modified plates. These batteries also require less topping up during the service life .With low rate of self discharge, these batteries provide longer supply of power. These batteries are designed to provide excellent resistance against corrosion, thus ensuring a longer service period. With a capacity of 135Ah C20 at 27degree C, these batteries provide backup of two hours to up to fifty four hours, varying according to the load connected to them. These batteries measure 510mm lengthwise, 210mm width wise and 250mm in height, and have a dry weight of 26Kg, filled weight of 41.50Kg and gross weight of 43Kg. The PPCP containers of these batteries are robust and aesthetically designed. The batteries come in strong, sturdy and attractive packaging. These batteries are covered by standard warranty of 18 months, with the option available for prorated warranty of 12 months.


  • Capacity 135AH C20@27°C
  • Back-up time in hours with 400W bulb load 2 hour to 54 hours*
  • Application Digital UPS / UPS / etc


Dimension of Battery Length Width Height Weight of battery Dry weight Filled weight Gross weight Acid Volume (± 2 Litres.) Specific gravity of Electrolyte on Full charge Multi-coloured Carton Spec of carton Standard warranty Pro-Rated warranty
mm ± 3mm510 mm210 mm250 mmkg ± 526 Kg41.50 Kg43 Kg12Ltrs1.245 ± 0.005Yes530mm x 235mm x 290 mm (L x B x H)18 months12 months