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Deepak Augustine - VP - Marketing

Deepak Augustine
VP - Marketing

Right from my first role as a Product Head, the journey through different responsibilities has been extremely fulfilling and enriching. V-Guard fosters a learning culture where there is plenty to imbibe from the top management which is always very accessible and gives freedom to take decisions. V-Guard is a people-centric organisation where we have nurtured a tradition of mutual understanding and respect for each others' emotions. On the personal front too, I have picked up a lot of qualities from the organisation and its founders, which includes focusing on long-term goals even as planning the fundamentals rightly.

Biju Pramod. P - VP – MED

Biju Pramod. P

There's no reason for second-thoughts to say that the journey so far with V-Guard has been completely satisfying and exciting. The ethical approach to business, the values that the company adheres to, leadership of the highest standards, the growth potential for employees – there are many reasons to be proud as a Team V-Guard member. The managerial and leadership skills that I have acquired, not to mention the various other soft skills, has helped sharpen my capabilities both in professional and personal life.

VP & Head – Brand & Communications

Nandagopal Nair
VP & Head – Brand & Communications

V-Guard is a company that respects you for the role you have been hired for and values the knowledge and judgement that you bring to the table. A company that strongly believes in delegation of work V-Guard is more like an extended family with a strong camaraderie between team members and an inclusive approach that values opinions of all stakeholders in decision making. Yes as much as you are accountable for your decisions and actions there is the freedom of expression. A brand that treats all partners with utmost fairness irrespective of size believing strongly that all partners have a role to play in the success and growth of the company.

Personally it has been an enriching experience. V-Guard gave me the opportunity to understand and deliver to the challenges of a home grown brand which had to transcend from a Kerala centric entity to a pan India vibrant conglomerate. The understanding and knowledge gained along this path has been invaluable and will hold me in good stead going into the future.

Robin Joy - Vice President and CIO

Robin Joy
Vice President and CIO

Life at V-Guard has been somewhat hectic filled with activities and new learning, but it is a task that I have been able to undertake with easiness and enjoyability. Thanks to the supportive nature of the management and the staff members who are always open to new ideas. As a professional I have had the good fortune of leading IT projects that are making the organisation future ready and are supporting its growth. I was free to take up challenges and deliver my best; just like every other team member. It is this collective effort that has given V-Guard the quality tag it is associated with. Also, V-Guard has helped a lot in moulding the decision-maker in me and has also assured a wonderful family life for me right here in my homeland; which in turn has improved my professional productivity too.

Shain Sathyan - Head operations (CS)

Shain Sathyan
Head operations (CS)

23 years back, when I joined a company named 'Prompt India' which had just a couple or so of products and a marginal turnover, little did I know that I was being a part of a brand's growth that would in its course become a 1000 plus crore corporate house called V-Guard. Upholding of ethical values, employee-friendly approach, efficient administration, absence of big hierarchies – there have been many more reasons why V-Guard is what it is today and as an employee, I have lived through all the advantages that its professionalism has offered me. As a committed team member, V-Guard has given me many opportunities to excel individually and I have had the good fortune to be part of growth initiatives of the company.

Gautham T - Head- Strategic Sourcing SCM

Gautham T
Head- Strategic Sourcing SCM

Exciting, unique and knowledge-gaining – I would encapsulate my life with V-Guard this way. I've always had the freedom to think and act independently and till date, the support and guidance bestowed upon me by the Management, my immediate bosses and colleagues has been amazing. It has always been a matter of pride for me that I am a part of a company with a socially committed Chairman whose selfless services have benefited the common men. Moreover, the perfect balance of work and life that V-Guard assures has been a factor of great contentment.

Remya Ann Jose - Sr. Manager & Head- Talent Management | HR

Remya Ann Jose
Sr. Manager & Head- Talent Management | HR

What I thoroughly love about V-Guard is the work culture of the organisation. V-Guard values are etched in every other person I meet in my workspace. The empowering work culture at V-Guard respects employees’ skills and equips them with the right opportunities and freedom to express themselves. V-Guard gives you a canvas and it trusts you to make your own unique painting. It gives you the space to be yourself, contribute to the growth of the organisation and grow alongside. Powering this exceptionally people-centric culture of the organisation is the visionary leadership of V-Guard, ably supported by an exuberant HR team. As a professional, I could not have asked for more. It’s a great opportunity and a privilege to work for this organisation.


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