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A corporate house that invests in its talented workforce, imparting different kinds of training & skill development programmes with the primary objective of increasing the skill sets of its workforce.To make them future ready professionals, in a continuously evolving market scenario. An important subsystem of the organisation, these Training and Development initiatives ensure that change is brought about in a very structured format. It caters to the individual, organisational, functional and societal requirements of the Company and makes V-Guard a much sought after conglomerate to work in. Some of our Training and Development endeavours include:

Training Sessions

Every member in the V-Guard Team is selected after a structured analysis of skillset and in-depth interviews. Yet it is important that they are able to adapt quickly to the work environment that demands focused attention. To endow them with this, V-Guard conducts various training sessions including an induction programme, certification programmes, advanced computer training programmes, technical awareness programmes and so on. This helps the team members in honing their skills and talents and help them to become professionals par excellence.


As the team members go on with their routine tasks, very often they lose out on updating themselves with newer technologies, products and so on. It is indeed very important that they remain updated on various matters including trends in the sector, innovative ideas, thought-streams etc. For this, V-Guard conducts a range of seminars and workshops so that they get to know about the current patterns in their respective streams and discuss it with experts in the area.

Management & Communication Workshops

In the modern business showground, it is of great relevance that every team member possess certain management and communication skills that would make them better professionals. Workshops are conducted by experts in order to improve the communication and presentation skills of the members. Also, knowledge is imparted to let them know how efficient management practices can be employed in their respective work areas for the effective running of the work cycle.

Career Development Insights

We believe that it is our duty to mould the careers of the people who partner with us. That is why we offer them all support and guidance that would help them plan an eventful career with us. Grooming sessions are conducted in order to inculcate in them a will to excel in their professional life and plan it in the best possible way so that both the organisation and the individual mutually benefit from the same.

Participation in External Events

Apart from offering quality training and awareness, we also give our team members a chance to take part in various external conferences, meets and events. This is done with a vision to increase their exposure to the global practices that govern our business segment in these times. Entrepreneurship Programmes, Employee Engagement Meets, Talent Retention Programmes, Women Empowerment Programmes the areas are diverse. This makes Team V-Guard an all-round performer par excellence.


At V-Guard we nurture talent, specialised skills, motivate development and work as a cohesive whole toward a common goal. Take the first step towards success. Take a look at all the current job openings.

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V-GUARD offers a range of products from Voltage Stabilizer to Digital UPS, Inverter and Inverter Batteries, Electric Water Heaters, Solar Water Heaters, Domestic Pumps, Agricultural Pumps, Industrial Motors, Domestic Switch Gears, Distribution Boards, Wiring Cables, Industrial Cables, Induction Cooktops, Mixer Grinders, Fans, Rice Cooker, Gas Stoves, Solar Power Systems & Air Coolers.

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